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 If you don't want to be bothered to turn safe search on within Google preferences for each
browser you use, search from Safe Search Kids to activate strict filtering for all searches. 

Safe Search for Kids

Safe SearchSafeSearch Tool for Kids

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This safe search engine has been created using Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) and has been set to always deliver safe search results.  Your search filtering settings are not accessed when you search from this page.  This video below shows you how to turn on safe search manually.  

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Continue reading below to see how our safe search tool activates Google search
filtering without changing your settings...

After changing your safe search settings, the strictest level of Google safe search will be in effect
for all searches when you enter search terms on google.com.  Using the Safe Search Tool however,
overrides your search settings to automatically turn on safe search.

This website is not directly affiliated with Google, nor it is directly endorsed by Google CSE.

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